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Elizabeth Haigh is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her practice embodies love and respect for the land and she uses those emotions to explore and express traces of time and memory. 

Navigating technical, aesthetic and conceptual concerns, Elizabeth expresses her feelings about an increasing vulnerable environment through a variety of unorthodox, freestyle experimental processes often combining painting, printmaking, photography and stitching. Colour is integral in Elizabeth’s work where she uses it to capture a moment, a response to beauty or to offer a deeper understanding into the growing pressure on the natural world. 

Attentive to the emerging concerns of the Anthropocene, Elizabeth imbues her work with the ethos of sustainability.  Locally sourced and found materials and even remnants from some of Elizabeth’s previous artwork are incorporated into new work, giving each piece its own voice, overlapping history and story to create powerful narratives. 


Left to right, Waters run Deep, 2018, Sand Dune, 2019, Forest Floor, 2018, hand painted silks, Members Exhibition IV, YAVA

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