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Spring Flood, Yarra River
Summer, King River
Sandstorm at Erg Chebbi, Morocco
King River
Yarra River Flood, 2021
Moroccan Landscape 1, 2019
In the High Atlas, Morocco 2019
Hen House Morocco, 2019
Grasses, Morocco, 2019
Grass Fire 1, 2021
Garden Cactus, 2021
Footprints, Sahara,
Morocco 2019
Camp, Erg Chebbi Dunes, Morocco, 2019
Cloud, Yarra Glen
Floods, Yarra Valley, 2021
View from the window B/W Morocco, 2019

What about Photography?


The ability to capture an event in a moment of time or to record textures and patterns that has attracted my attention is important to me. These often inform my artistic process while working with other media or they remain a standalone photographic work.

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